{s6a BOX} Eevee Heroes

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Language : Japanese
Category: Pokemon Card SWORD & SHIELD
Edition : Booster Pack

Contents : 

1 box = 30 packs. 
1 pack = 5 cards. 
Sealed at random from 69 species + ??
Not all cards are included in one box.

The eight Pokémon that evolve from Eevee are now available as Pokémon V.
In addition, some of them can evolve into Pokémon VMAX.

VMAX is expected to include the following cards.
Umbreon VMAX, Leafeon VMAX, Glaceon VMAX, Sylveon VMAX

The number of special art versions (SA) included in Eevee Heroes is the largest compared to past issues.

Release Date : 2021/05/28