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 Q1. Where could you ship to ?

A. We could ship to almost all country. But we can't ship to Japan and APO. So we don't sell items at our real store. It is separated from this site.


Q2. How much shipping costs?

A. You could check it in the checkout process before you pay.


Q3. Can you declare the value of my package lower to avoid taxes?

A. No, we can't. Paying taxes is your duty.


Q4. Could you discount if I place a bulk order?

A. Patially, yes. We would offer discounts for certain items. For example, we used to offer a ¥2,000 off coupon if you bought more than 12 boxes. We don't offer discounts for normal boxes and Single cards.


Q5. If the price that I placed an order for goes down, could you refund the difference?

A. No, we couldn't. The risk and profit of price moving is on you.


Q6. If my package get damaged or lost, will I get a full refund ?

 A. No, you won't. In that case, you will get some amount of refund by applying for a compensation from Fedex. The amount of it depends on Fedex. We don't give any refund. When you pay additional fees, you can insure your packages. If you would like it, please ask us. 

Q7. Can I cancel my order? 

A. Usually, yes. But we charge you 20% or 25% cancellation fees. If you would like to get more information, please check our Refund Policy.



If you have other questions, please contact us with Discord or e-mail.

Discord: PokeNinJapan#9323